Vacuum Food Sealer Reviews Consumer Reports

Do you buy food in bulk?

Yes, most people do as it saves time and money.

Now, the question is how to keep it fresh and germs free?

A vacuum sealer helps you to avoid throwing away the food and keep it fresh.

A vacuum sealer can save meat, grains, vegetables, and leftovers.


Here’s top products we picked out through amazon you would be interested in depending on your budget…

Best Vacuum Food Sealer Reviews

There are many sealers are available in the market and I have compiled a small list according to the rating and customer reviews.

#10 GERYON Vacuum Sealer Machine | Automatic

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This is an amazing Vaccum sealer machine that helps you to remove air from the bag. It will seal the special food bags with heat and allows you the extra space in the fridge.

It has an automatic sealing operation with soft-touch digital buttons. LED indicator lights, electric plug-in and the control center placed on the top panel provides a user-friendly experience for its operator

This vacuum sealer has two different selectable modes to give your food with the best preservation. You can also reseal bags of rolls, snacks that you only want to seal.

What We Like!
  • Led indicator to indicate when food sealed
  • Automatica sealing technology
What We Didn’t Like!
  • Wet vacuum setting doesn’t use as much force as the dry setting

#9 Weston Pro Stainless Steel Vacuum Sealer

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This will keep your food fresher and longer. It will save your food from the freezer burn with vacuum sealing. You can preserve your garden vegetables for freezing and keep them safe for longer without losing their original taste.

The machine is fully made of stainless steel so it is free of rust. It has the power double piston pump seal bar that allows the sealer to seal the bag fast.

You seal 15 inches of the long bag with this vacuum sealer. This one has the cooling fan for the continuous working on it. If you using it for a hours the fan will keep cool the motor.

What We Like!
  • Can handle the big size of foods
  • 15 inches of the long bag can seal
What We Didn’t Like!
  • Quite heavy

#8 NutriChef Automatic Vacuum Air Sealing

Price at Amazon!

This Black NutriChef vacuum sealer provide you with the upgraded look of your kitchen with its unique style. It will save you food from the freezer burning and keep it safe for a longer. It has stain resistance build quality that can easily clean.

It will permit you a speedy, simple, and cheap method of saving your food. Utilizing its one-touch system just select whether you’re fixing a dry or with dampness food.

This is a fully automatic machine that you can easily operate it while sealing the bags. It has two sealing mode solid food items and the moist indication for poached, simmered or steamed food.

Built-in LED will show you when the bag sealing is complete. You will love this machine for your kitchen.

What We Like!
  • It can easily operate by anyone
  • Made with stain resistance material
  • Can open wine bottles with it
What We Didn’t Like!
  • No warranty

#7 FoodSaver FM5200 2-in-1 Automatic Vacuum Sealer

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The Foodsaver is an automatic vacuum sealer that keeps your food fresh for a longer time. It will remove the air from the bag and make a tight seal keep your food safe.

Another astounding feature of this machine includes an Express Bag Maker that makes it simpler to gauge and seal moves. It has the transparent glass that allows you to see where you seal, and a hinted the handheld sealer that dispenses with the requirement for extra connections when fixing zipper sacks and holders.

You can keep your food in the fridge with less consuming space. This will upgrade your kitchen from ordinary to modern kitchen.

It has a user-friendly interface that anyone can use it with buttons.

What We Like!
  • Transparent windows to see the view
  • Automatic heating sealing bar
  • Two sealing modes
What We Didn’t Like!
  • Little bit expensive

#6 KOIOS Vacuum Sealer Machine Automatic Food Sealer

Price at Amazon!

This is a better option to save your food by preserving it with KOIOS vacuum sealer. It has a portable cutter that creates customized size bags. No matter is bag is large or tiny.

Reduce the bag waste, cut it as how you feel it, and let the cutter get the most out of your vacuum-seal roll. You can save your food within no time with this beast.

This can easily use by anyone it has a simple user interface. Simply fill the bag with food and lock the seal and press the seal button after a few moments a LED indicator lets you know its finish.

If you looking for a compact and lightweight machine then this can be your choice and personally i love this one.

What We Like!
  • Very easy to use it by pressing the sealing bar
  • Automatic vacuum sealing
  • It has high suction power
What We Didn’t Like!
  • Need to adjust the bag at the right place

#5 Vacuum sealer machine by Mueller

Price at Amazon!

The vacuum sealer machine is the favorite of the people because it is not only time saving, but it is also incredible because it saves a lot of money. For people who are planning to have a meal prep for the whole week, this sealing machine for food is the perfect option to have. This vacuum sealer is automatic, and it does not require any hassle or extra effort from you. The handling and accessibility is super simple and automatic. You just have to plug in the sealer, and it will start working without any extra setup. Also, there are indicator lights for better accessibility. This vacuum device is perfect for the whole family use. There are sealing modes based on your requirement. If your food is solid or moist, you can choose the sealing modes based on the requirement.

What We Like!
  • Various sealing mode
  • Automatic working and easy accessibility
What We Didn’t Like!
  • May not vacuum all the air for big packs

#4 Vacuum sealer machine for food vacuum sealing system

Price at Amazon!

We have another one of the vacuum sealing machines by Calm do. It is a perfect quality sealing machine for food that is not only amazing because of the easy accessibility, but it also has vacuum modes that a customizable. It has consistent sealing, and it vacuums out all the air from the food.

Moreover, it is perfect for keeping your food fresh and compact in a container if you are planning to use it later. This sealing system it uses is absolutely perfect because it is sanitary and makes the food super easy to store. It also has a not to open the vacuum chamber for properly storing the food and using the vacuum sealer.

What We Like!
  • Highly functional because of the customizable modes and the knob
  • Easy to store food and sanitary method for storing
What We Didn’t Like!
  • Some manual effort required

#3 Vacuum sealer machine Abox V63 food vacuum sealing system

Price at Amazon!

This vacuum sealer machine is a lifesaver as it is capable of keeping your food fresh up to 7 x. It is ideal for keeping your food and meat special a stored in a sanitary method. It is perfect for normal storage of the food, and it also comes with four different modes that are perfect for storing several types of food. There is a stop and start button as well, and it is compatible with automatic operation. It is perfect for vacuuming the air properly out of the storage bags. The super convenient design of the vacuum sealer is absolutely a winner.

What We Like!
  • Works seven times better and helps in keeping the food fresh
  • Four customizable vacuum sealer modes available
What We Didn’t Like!
  • Requires time to get used to it

#2 Aucma vacuum sealer 75 kpa

Price at Amazon!

This vacuum sealer packing machine is an absolute I can die because it comes with a cutter and a starter kit. It is absolutely perfect for both home and commercial use. It comes with a built-in cutter and a roller bag store so that you can store the bags within the vacuum and use it when needed. This is a perfect multifunctional vacuum sealer that is amazing in terms of functionality and performance. There are multi-adjustable modes available on this vacuum sealer. You can easily store anything, including bread, chips, or any other thing as well. It has the upgraded efficiency of 3D suction that shows that there is no air while you are storing the bag.

What We Like!
  • 3D suction Technology
  • Easy to use and capable of preserving the food for up to three years
What We Didn’t Like!
  • Not the best for dry aging bags

#1 Foodsaver V4400 2 in 1 vacuum serum machine

  Price at Amazon!

This tournament vacuum sealer machine is a perfect option for all those who want a vacuum sealer that has automatic bag detection and also comes with the kit that has all the starter equipment. It is compatible with both personal and commercial use. You can preserve meat using this vacuum sealer and also save money. It is capable of storing the need for up to three years. Moreover, there is an automatic detection technology that attacks the back properly and ensures that there is no air available in the back when vacuuming the food. It has a limited five-year warranty, and it has a smart technology that ensures that there is no moisture while storing the food. It is certified for Incredible food storage and vacuum sealing.

What We Like!
  • Two in one vacuum sealing system
  • Automatic bags detection
What We Didn’t Like!
  • It works slowly

Buying Guide For Vacuum Food Sealer

This is an upgraded system to save your food. A vacuum sealer is the best and fast way to preserve the food and. It also allows you to extra space in your fridge.

These cleaners work with oxygen law and keep your food in the original condition. It allows the food to keep safe 5 times longer than the ordinary Ziploc bags.

There are two types of vacuum sealer available in the market or anywhere from online platforms, chamber sealer and external sealer.

Before you buy any vacuum sealer to preserve your food you need to know what kind of sealer you need to buy and what factor you should need to consider while you buying it.

Easy To Clean

If you buying a vacuum sealer check its built that can easily cleanable and stain-resistant material used in it. For its longer life it must stay clean after every usage for that it must have easy to clean.

If you buying a machine that made of steel then must check that has rust resistance material used or not.

Suction Power

Some of the vacuum sealers don’t have much suction power because your bag leaves extra air in it and your food stay not safer much.

The other reason is if its suction power is low then you need to wait for a long time to suck all air from the bag that will consume your time. For these reasons, you need to consider this factor as well while buying a vacuum sealer.

Sealing Bar

If your bag size is bigger then the sealing bar then it can cause a problem for you. It will not be able to suck air from the bag and doesn’t allow you to save a large size of food.

Check always the sealing bar size if you want to preserve a large amount of food in each bag.

Final Verdict

All the vacuum sealer have their own specific features and sealing capacity. Some are portable and lightweight that you can easily carry anywhere you want. But some are the heavy and large size of vacuum sealer for the big stores.

Now it’s all up to you what kind of vacuum sealer you need in our list we have mentioned the best vacuum sealer of this time. You can check their features and buy according to your needs.

FAQ’s about Vacuum Sealer

What is the best vacuum sealer in 2020?

Here, are the most rated available nowadays;

  1. GERYON Vacuum Sealer Machine | Automatic
  2. Weston Pro Stainless Steel Vacuum Sealer
  3. NutriChef Automatic Vacuum Air Sealing
  4. FoodSaver FM5200 2-in-1 Automatic Vacuum Sealer
  5. KOIOS Vacuum Sealer Machine Automatic Food Sealer

Is a vacuum sealer worth it?

If you are at home and eating food regularly then it worth it. Because you don’t want to save the food for longer then why would you buy it?

What are the benefits of vacuum sealing food?

There are several reasons that you need to buy a vacuum sealer for food:

  • Preserving food
  • Keep its taste original
  • Money-saving
  • Consume less space in the fridge

What foods should not be vacuum sealed?

These are some foods that you should not be vacuum-sealed:

  • Garlic
  • Blue cheese
  • Steamed vegetables
  • Raw mushrooms

What is the best vacuum sealer?

#5 GERYON Vacuum Sealer Machine | Automatic
#4 Weston Pro Stainless Steel Vacuum Sealer
#3 NutriChef Automatic Vacuum Air Sealing
#2 FoodSaver FM5200 2-in-1 Automatic Vacuum Sealer
#1 KOIOS Vacuum Sealer Machine Automatic Food Sealer

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