Best Shower Filter Consumer Reports & Reviews

To take a bath!

can be scary for someone – mostly the kids

But if you have proper environments then everyone will enjoy getting in the bathroom.

One of the most important items in your bathroom is a shower.

If you come home from a hectic day then a stream of water will soothe you and you can later enjoy with your family in a good mood.


Here’s top products we picked out through amazon you would be interested in depending on your budget…

AquaHomeGroup Luxury Filtered Shower Head Set...
★ WATER PURIFIER: Reduces chlorine, heavy metals, rust, sand and other sediments.

The Best Shower Water Filter | Top Rated

Here is the list of the best water filters available in the market.

1. AquaBliss Universal Shower Filter | Best Output

Price at Amazon!

Features at a glance
  • It is a high output shower filter and comes with a detachable multi-stage filter.
  • It effectively eliminates dirt, bad odours, and Chlorine from the shower filter water.
  • It decreases the growth of scale, itchy skin, eczema, pustules, and acne.
  • Features a multistage filtration system that improves the overall health of your skin, hair, and nails.
  • The installation is easy. Unscrew your old showerhead, and bolt in AquaBliss high-pressure shower filter, then screw in the
  • showerhead.

Our list of best shower filters begins with the best-selling shower filter on Amazon, the AquaBliss high output universal shower filter. This filter is uniquely designed to remove the toxins and Chlorine from the hard Water.
It features a 3-stage system that includes KDF-55, Active Carbon, and Calcium Sulfite. The shower filter is suitable to capture and remove metals such as mercury, chromium, nickel, and other impurities like Chlorine and Chloramines. The shower filter also prevents the production of bacteria in the Water.
By using pure Water without any hard metals and other impurities, you will notice that your hair strands are getting healthier, along with less loss of hair. The removal of Chlorine from the shower water will enhance the glow of your skin and overall health. The kind of price this showerhead filter is available at, it will definitely be your first choice because the product is doing everything that you would want a showerhead filter to do.
The cartridge of this shower water filter works till 10,000-12,000 gallons of Water or in 6-8 months, depends on the usage. The installation is straightforward; just remove your current one and replace it with this brand new AquaBliss high output shower filter.
Lastly, if you are not satisfied with the performance, you can get your full refund. Moreover, for your peace of mind, the filter comes with a

What We Like!
  • Highly effective in removing impurities from Water.
  • Improves the quality of Water by eliminating hard metals.
  • Easy to install without any special tools.
  • Long-lasting and affordable shower filter.
  • 1-year warranty.
What We Didn’t Like!
  • There are complaints about low water pressure and flow.

2. Dewifier Water Softener Shower Filter

Price at Amazon!

Features at a glance
  • Best Showerhead water Filter for chlorine-treated water.
  • You can use it for cold or Hot Water.
  • It comes with a test kit. So you can test chlorine levels and removals in hard Water. You will notice a significant change in before &
  • after using a water softener filter.
  • It is compatible with any ½” shower.
  • Easy installation without any tools.
  • Features a multistage shower purifier cartridge to remove Chlorine from the Water.
  • Enjoy a healthier life with this Dewifier shower head softener—best for your skin and hair.

And our list continues. Now at this spot, we have Dewifier Water Softener Shower Filter. A perfect choice for those folks who want to remove all the toxins, including Chlorine from the water, but don’t want to spend too many bucks.
The Dewifier Water Softener Shower Filter is very much affordable, plus the maintenance cost is also low as compared to other water shower filters, therefore making it a perfect water filter for those who have a limited budget. But that doesn’t mean that the quality is low. It has everything that you will find in the expensive ones.
This is a highly efficient shower water filter that effectively removes contaminants in the hard water and makes the Water soft. The complete removal of Chlorine from the shower water will give you healthy skin, and you will notice a notable change in the quality of Water. Within a short time, you will see improvement in the health of your hair and skin. Why are we so sure? Because it comes with a testing kit that you can use anytime to see the change in the quality of the Water.

What We Like!
  • Installation is a breeze.
  • The device is compatible with any 0.5 inches shower.
  • It also removes Chlorine from hot Water.
  • Completely eliminates chlorine, THMS), organic materials, and other impurities.
What We Didn’t Like!
  • According to our expert’s overall performance is excellent, but the flow of water is not that quick.

3. Pure Action Filtered Shower Head

Price at Amazon!

Features at a glance
  • This Pure Action shower head filter completely eliminates chlorine, chloramine, and filters up to 99.9% of heavy metals, calcium, and other particles.
  • This shower filter head revives your hair, skin, and nails. It also prevents itchy skin, dandruff, and eczema.
  • The filter includes three different settings: rain, power rain, massage. You can connect it to any wall-mounted or fixed shower in a few minutes without any special tools.
  • One year warranty for replacement filters.

Our next pick is perfect for an energizing bathing experience. Let me introduce Pure Action Filtered Shower Head that you can easily fit above the showerhead, and it will remove 90% of the toxins from shower water, and you can enjoy clean and fresh water.
This Pure Action Filtered Shower provides you with a smooth water flow even when the pressure of water into your home is extremely low.
With this Pure Action Filtered Shower, you will get two major advantages; high pressure of Water and low consumption of Water. This is because you can adjust the pressure of Water into three different settings that are; powerhead, rain, and massage.
Lastly, the manufacture offers a 1-year warranty on this Pure Action Filtered Shower, so if anything goes wrong, you are covered.

What We Like!
  • It eliminates 90% toxins, including Chlorine from shower water.
  • These have A year warranty for replacement filters.
  • These are affordable and effective shower water filters.
  • Removes impurities from shower water while maintaining a consistent flow of water.
What We Didn’t Like!
  • There are problems of leakage and fitting.

4. Homspal 10-Stage Shower Water Filter with 2 Cartridges

Price at Amazon!

Features at a glance
  • It actively eliminates impurities from water, such as metals, chlorine, bacteria, pesticides, rust, and sediment.
  • The shower filter guards your skin against Chlorine.
  • By using this shower filter, you can achieve softer skin, smoother, and hair.
  • Bathing with pure Water increases energy levels.
  • It works with a combination of KDF 55, calcium sulfite, activated carbon, medical stone, and another filtering, which offer the best effect of water purification.
  • It is compatible with any showerhead—no tools needed for installation.
  • With the pack, you will get 1 Teflon Tape, 1 Filter Housing, 2 Cartridges, and 2 Silicon Seal.

The Homspal 10 stage shower water filter is another affordable and efficient solution for those people who want to make the Water healthier. Despite its affordable price, this 10 stage shower filter includes two filter cartridges and serves you for the whole year, depending on your water consumption.
One of the notable features of this shower water filter is that it will make a significant difference in your water health. Due to its top-quality filter cartridge, this water filter will remove most of the pollutants from your Water, including hard metals, and will also make the water softer. Bathing with soft and pure water will make your skin healthy and will enhance your general aspect.
Another feature of this shower filter that we admire is the reduction of chlorine levels from your Water. It will reduce the level of Chlorine up to a great extent, and hence you can enjoy bathing with fresh and pure water.

What We Like!
  • Cost-Effective shower water filter
  • This shower filter effectively reduces hard metals as well as Chlorine and most of the elements in the Water.
  • Simple installation without any tools.
What We Didn’t Like!
  • The threads of this shower filter are made of plastic, so they’re not that durable.

5. AquaHomeGroup Luxury Filtered Shower Head Set

Price at Amazon!

Features at a glance
  • This AquaHomeGroup Luxury Filtered Shower features premium filter cartridge and includes vitamin C + E.
  • It features 15-stages filters, the latest design, and the best shower water filtration technology.
  • Effectively removes Chlorine, metals, sand, and other particles.
  • It contains Activated carbon, Calcium Sulfite, KDF 55, Alkaline Ceramic Balls, and other filtering materials for reliable water purification.
  • You can install it in a few minutes without any help. It will fit any standard shower type.

The AquaHomeGroup Luxury Filtered Shower Head Set features 15 layers to eliminate all types of harsh contaminants. This shower filter set comes with a stylish showerhead to provide a comfortable spa-type shower.
With the pack, you will get Teflon tape that will make the installation process a breeze, and don’t worry about leakage problem; it will cover that as well. The shower set is simple to install and compatible with any standard shower.
It efficiently eliminates metals, Chlorine, rust, sand, and other impurities so that you can enjoy a relaxing shower. For water purification, it contains activated carbon, Calcium Sulfite, KDF 55, Alkaline Ceramic Balls, and other filtering materials.
Lastly, the shower filter set is effective for eliminating various water contaminants, and you can also use it for Water softening purposes.

What We Like!
  • The unit is simple to install and comes with the required hardware.
  • You can use the shower set with handheld units.
  • Elegant and classy design for a comfortable shower.
What We Didn’t Like!
  • Overall it is a reliable product, but some parts of this shower set are made of plastic. So it might not last long.

What to look out for in the best Shower filter?

If you are about to purchase anew shower filter, then you must go through these vital factors before getting a shower filter.

Filtration Measures

Shower filters have changed filtration stages to eliminate impurities from Water. Therefore, you should know which containments you want to filter out of the Water. Check out for the common containments present in your Water and then make the purchase.


Shower filters come with cartridges, which usually last a year, but this also depends on the type and amount of containments and your daily usage. So keep in mind when buying a new shower filter. If the level of pollutants is high, then go for the cartridge that lasts for more than a year.

Replacement Filters

No one likes to buy extra filter cartridges for a shower filter. If you purchase a new shower filter and want it to serve you for a long time, then check out for the accessories and replacement options before finalizing your choice. We will recommend going for the ones that you can replace easily.

Practical Usage

A filter must perform all the functions effectively it is meant to do. If you want to confirm the efficiency and performance of the shower filter, go through the best shower filter consumer reports and feedbacks given by the customers that are already using the filter.

Chlorine or Chloramine

For many years, Chlorine was the only choice to disinfect the water. However, in present times, many companies are using chloramine to eliminate harmful toxins from Water because it is effective for a long duration and disinfected Water will not have any taste or smell. According to many studies, Chloramine is safe than Chlorine.

Wrapping it Up

Because we don’t know what the Water contains and there is no guarantee about the health of the Water. That’s why the shower filter has become a necessity. It effectively removes all the toxins and makes the Water clean and safe for consumption.
We have considered all the vital factors while compiling this list of best shower filter consumer reports. Just go through the details and pick the one according to your needs. Stay healthy and stay safe!

Benefits of Shower Water Filter

Before digging into the detail, let see some benefits of the shower water filter.

Reduces the Chlorine

Chlorine is used for purifying water for decades. According to recent researches, chlorinated Water does not filter out toxins completely, and our body can absorb those toxins during a bath. Furthermore, the Chlorine in Water can affect the skin and hair and make them weak and unhealthy. When Chlorine dries, it will also change the colour of hairs.

Makes Water Softer

The Water that we use in showers is hard. Bathing with hard Water can result in dry skin and weaken your hair. Shower filters soften the water, making it much healthier for your skin. Swimming with soft Water will improve the overall health and look of your hair and skin.

Prevents Bacteria and Viruses

A shower filter will prevent viruses and bacteria from affecting your body. Sometimes, the showerhead can be a spot for breeding bacteria. Because showerhead is the moist spot, so bacteria and other viruses flourish in it. Using a shower filter will eliminate the bacteria and will not allow them to grow.

Reduces the Harmful Chemicals

Some harmful chemicals can find their way into your Water. Elements like herbicides, pesticides, and others are common in Water, and these elements are not safe for your health.

Safe for Children

Kids are more vulnerable to damages by the Chlorine as compared to adults. Chlorinated showers also raise the chances of asthma and allergies in kids.

A complete Relaxation

The stream of water and the voice of water coming from the shower on your head feels refreshing and let us calm after a hectic day. For many, it is relaxing, and for others, this is a necessity. Though, many of us are not aware that Water coming directly from the shower can be detrimental to health. Oh, yes, it’s true. Water coming directly from the shower has many harmful elements such as Chlorine that can severely damage your hair and skin. And with the time, these damages can get worse.

Cleans the Water

Another that might surprise you is that Water from the shower has more pollutants than drinking water; that is why the best shower filter is needed to remove all the toxins from affecting your body. Many people use filtered water for brushing teeth, but you cannot use filtered water for bathing. Now, most of you might be thinking which the best shower filter is.
Well, there are many shower filters on the market, enough to confuse you. Nonetheless, you can buy the right shower filter as per your needs if you go through the reviews of the best shower filter consumer reports below.

FAQ’s for Water Shower Filter

What are the best shower filters in 2020?

  • AquaBliss High Output Universal Shower Filter
  • Dewifier Water Softener Shower Filter
  • Pure Action Filtered Shower Head
  • Homspal 10-Stage Shower Water Filter with 2 Cartridges
  • AquaHomeGroup Luxury Filtered Shower Head Set

Why Do You Need A Shower Filter?

Various researches and studies have proven that the main reason for dry and itchy skin, weak hair, hair fall, and dandruff is the Water that comes in our homes. And, I think that we all are aware of what it brings with it. Pollutants such as metals, Chlorine, chloramines, and many other toxins are present in household water.
Now, most of you will argue that Water comes into our homes after being purified with Chlorine and chloramine. Yes agreed! But both these elements are only beneficial to some extent. When we are talking about the health of our skin and hair, these particles are not at all beneficial.
Apart from it, Water that comes into our homes flows through pipes, which might be corroded and contain other toxins. This can be the main reason for the bad smell or taste.
To eliminate particles and metals like iron, mercury, lead, and more, Chlorine and chloramine are used, but these are unsafe for hair and skin. So to eliminate both these items as well as other impurities, you will have to install a shower filter.
According to the shower filter consumer reports, a filter not only eliminates metals from the Water but Chlorine and chloramine as well.

What is a lifespan of a Filter Cartridge?

The working life of the shower filter depends on the brand and your usage. So always know your consumption and needs before opting for any filter. Keep in mind the following things to make sure that you get the right one:
For normal home uses to go for the one that filters 10 000 gallons of water.
When talking about consumption, the people in your house also matters. In the end, if the filter is used frequently, you will have to replace the filter cartridge regularly.
Similarly, the amount of mineral content in your water also affects the lifespan of the filter cartridge.

Is Shower Water Filter Adjustable?

When buying a shower filter, don’t overlook the consumer reports and reviews. Similarly, before buying the one, know the specs of your current shower. The filter for the shower comes in various sizes and specs. Not only this, but the installation also differs from brand to brand.

Will the Unit affect the pressure of Water?

This also depends on which product you are buying. Usually, shower water filters will not affect the water pressure, but some shower filters do that.

Does the Weight of the Unit Matter?

In our opinion, convenience and ease of use should be your top priority. If you are about to buy a heavy or bulky shower for your purposes, then do not opt for it. If children or older people are using the shower, they will find it hard to use a shower that is too heavy.

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