Best Neck Massager Consumer Reports

Have you been suffering from neck pain because of sitting in front of the computer at work all day long?

Do you feel that your posture is worsening?

Working all day, the neck usually gets hurt more because of this still position.

Either you are an office working professional or not still, you crammed with smartphones and laptops. These technological advances are now affecting our posture and tightening our muscles.

Investing in a good quality neck massager is the best option.


Here’s 3 products we picked out through amazon you would be interested in depending on your budget…

Zyllion Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager -...
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Top Rated Neck Massager Reviews

We have compiled a list of best neck massagers based on customer reviews.

So, let’s get to it!

1. Zyllion Shiatsu Neck Massager

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This Zyllion neck massager is an incredible neck massager that uses the shiatsu technique for massaging. It comes with a heated pillow neck massager. The features of this neck massager include four deep-kneading rotating nodes. These rotating nodes work incredibly well for relieving the soreness and the pain in your neck. If you have any tension in your muscles, then the rotating nodes will work to make it less painful and provide you with better sleep.

This neck massager is not customizable because it does not have many modes that you can use for customization. However, it is a simple neck massaging pillow with just an on the button. No doubt, it is originally a convenient and simple neck massager to use.

This neck massager has an extra function for heating to improve the relaxing therapy on the muscles. It will also boost the circulation of blood. Also, you can find the FDA approval with the device as well.

People often are worried about the overheating of the neck massager. But for safety reasons, this neck massager has a 20-minute shut-off feature that works automatically. You can attach it to the chair or any sofa or even carry it with you on the airplane. It is not unlimited in terms of portability and versatility.

What We Like!
  • High quality
  • Compact
  • Simple to use
  • Easy to use
Things to Consider!
  • Does not have enough modes

2. Serenlife Electric Neck Massager

Price at Amazon!

The next one on the list is this electric neck massager, which is no doubt an incredible neck massager with you should not. It is a relaxing and soothing neck massager that will provide you with pressure therapy to eliminate any soreness and tension. It will help stimulate the blood circulation, and the cherry on top is that it also has an adjustable intensity for the heat. It is a highly customizable neck massager that has absolutely everything that you must be looking for.

This neck massager has six different preset massage modes. Also, you will find the timer settings as well That you can set according to your requirement. You can adjust the neck collar around your neck easily because of its flexible and adjustable features. This portable design is super easy to use, and you can carry it anywhere you want.

The rechargeable battery is an added advantage for the people who want a portable neck massaging model. Also, you can change the mode whenever you need it. This neck massager’s user-friendly features add convenience, and the people like it because of the LCD.

What We Like!
  • Has six preset massaging modes
  • Built-in battery
  • Easy to use
  • Convenient
Things to Consider!
  • Has a buzzing sound

3. RENPHO Handheld Deep Tissue Neck Massager

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People who need something straight forward and simple will love this handheld neck massager, which is excellent because of its deep tissue massage in the feature. Don’t look any further if you want a simple device. You can easily get this handheld neck massager, which works on a powerful motor of 3600 pulses per minute.

It is a powerful handheld massager that will lose in your knots and relieve the pain easily. It also works on joint flexibility, and it will help in better pain relief.

This handheld massager is popular and famous among the customers because of its easy-to-use features and simple accessing. It has just four buttons for increasing or decreasing the intensity and for turning it on and off. This comfortable to use design is perfect if you are traveling and want to have your neck massager with you. It is not only great for your neck, but it is also ideal for your back.

The handheld massager is a rechargeable massager that can last up to 140 minutes when the battery is fully charged. The best part about the REPHNO Neck massager is that it comes with various massaging heads for better and all-round massaging. The three-pointed head will have better results on your muscles. You will feel much lighter and relaxed after using this massager. If you need relief, then get this handheld massager right now.

What We Like!
  • Easy to use
  • Versatile and Portable
Things to Consider!
  • Battery life could be better

4. Neckteck Shiatsu Neck Massager

Price at Amazon!

People working all day long need relaxation and comfort, and these neck massagers can be the best option. It will not only dissolve your stress but also provide you with the ultimate relaxation that you want. This neck massaging pillow is the perfect option.

There are speed modes available as well. You can choose the massaging intensity from the three different speed modes available. This is a deep tissue massage II that can be a bit intense, so you should be careful while choosing the massage’s intensity.

Look no further if you want a high functioning neck massager that can massage your neck and help you and massage your shoulders properly.

What We Like!
  • Excellent massager with deep kneading massage
  • Easily accessible
  • Amazing working
Things to Consider!
  • Not rechargeable

5. Gideon Shiatsu Deep Kneading Neck Massager

  Price at Amazon!

This shiatsu neck massager is perfect for soothing and relaxing your muscles. It just takes a little while to relax your neck with the heated deep kneading therapy. It has for kneading heads that work in a great manner for soothing the pain in your neck. It will also work great for better blood circulation in your neck and head region.

It effectively helps in relaxing your muscles and relieves the tightness of the muscles by losing the knots. This neck massager will work by Deep penetrating in your muscles. It will energize you, and the best part is that it does not make a lot of noise. It is a pillow massager that is great in terms of portability.

You can adjust the intensity of this neck massager according to your comfort. The rotation is done on the left and right sides on certain intervals to provide equal relaxation.

What We Like!
  • Premium quality neck massager
  • Portable and easy-to-use
  • Also has a lifetime warranty
Things to Consider!
  • For smaller necks, it is not the best option

6. HoMedics Percussion Neck Massager

Price at Amazon!

We have another handheld neck massager on our list. It works on the vibration technique with excellent functionality. The pivoting heads of the neck massager will soothe your muscles adequately. It will relieve muscle soreness, and it will also help with better relaxation and blood circulation.

This handheld neck massager has 15 minutes shut off function that it is added for safety reasons. So that in case of overheating, there are no consequences. It is excellent for massaging on the neck and shoulder, and you can also use it on the carbs and thighs as very. However, it is not recommended for patients who have diabetes or sensory deficiency.

It would help if you did not use this neck massager on the areas that are inflamed or injured. It has a stimulating effect, so you should not use the neck massager right before you are sleeping.

What We Like!
  • Does not produce a lot of noise
  • Versatile and can be used in various parts of the body
Things to Consider!
  • Not the best in terms of portability because of the size

Buying guide for Best Neck Massager

Whenever you plan to purchase a neck massager, you must do your extensive research that you don’t end up buying something that is just a waste of money. You don’t have to do any more research because we have done it for you. Below are the factors to consider while you are purchasing the neck massager.

Massaging Technique

Various neck massagers use Different techniques. And you need to know how every neck massager works and how compatible it is to relax you. Kneading is one popular technique that most of the neck massager is used. It is a deep tissue kneading technique that relaxes your muscles and presses your bones’ soft tissues. It is an intense massaging technique that perfectly relaxes your body. It increases the blood circulation and improves the posture along with the flexibility as well. This kneading technique is grade for your physical fitness as well.

The heat therapy is another popular massage technique which is used for Wellness and relaxation. It is excellent for warming up your muscles and help in stretching. This massage technique is incredible for flexibility and enables you to get rid of your muscles’ knots.

This heat therapy is an excellent method for improving blood circulation, and it also helps to remove lactic acid from your muscles. It helps release the soreness and knots in your muscles by providing you more immunity and lesser inflammation.

Shiatsu is another most popular technique that is used for massaging thumbs, fingers, and neck. It relaxes the muscles and relieves the pain.

The Size

They are various sizes available in neck massagers. Usually, people prefer large massaging units for better support at the lower back and neck area. It will massage and cover a larger area at once. However, if you want to focus on the neck area properly, then the medium-sized massaging unit is the best option. It will help in massaging and relieving muscle pain and soreness easily.

The Weight

The weight also makes a huge difference. When you are using a neck massager and heavy, you would not like that because of the sore muscles. If the net massager is lightweight, it is the best to have because it will keep your neck massager in place for up to 10 to 20 minutes. It will massage your neck properly and will create an issue due to the heavyweight.

The Power Source

One other aspect is the power source of the neck massager. Usually, the neck massager works on a 110-volt standard outlet or 12-volt car adaptors. However, some of the neck massagers that can be used on Lithium-ion batteries rechargeable, or some of the neck massagers also do not use any power source and can work on a manual system.

If the neck massager is battery operated, it is much more portable and accessible. These versatile neck massagers are typically based on Lithium-ion batteries and can be used for up to two hours. However, the neck massagers who work on the heat therapy can quickly do vendor down the neck massager’s battery, which won’t be ideal if you want to use it longer.

Moreover, some of the neck massagers also operate on electricity and do not have the battery feature. These units have power chords and adaptors to make it accessible.

The Portability

Some of the models have hand pockets, while others don’t have any hand pockets. These hand pockets are a bonus for the people using neck massager. This is because you can keep your hands in the hand pocket and move your hands while keeping the neck massager. It will not interrupt the massaging and relaxing and will relieve the soreness of the muscles efficiently.

The Budget

One other factor to consider is the price range. Whenever you plan to buy a neck massager, you need to make a budget beforehand to ensure you are not going overboard. Pick out a neck massager that is not super expensive and leave a Dent in your pocket if you are willing to spend a little more or look for a model worth investing your money in. Usually, the neck massagers with LCD screens,   portability, and massaging techniques can boost the price.

Final Verdict

The neck massager’s sole purpose is to soothe your neck muscles and provide you with the maximum relief. The various models use different massaging techniques and various massaging intensity that can work for everybody differently. This is why the best neck massager very for everybody differently because of the different needs of the people in terms of intensity, massaging technique, portability, and versatility.

FAQ’s about Neck Massager

What are the benefits of the neck massager?

The neck massagers are useful and helpful for the people with knots in the muscles and soreness. Let’s talk about some more benefits of the neck massager.

It relieves the tension of the upper back area easily. The neck massager is one of the best things to reduce the stress from the upper part of the body, which is a stressed and tense region. When you are sitting in front of the computer or sitting in a car or a chair, your back will have a terrible posture. But the neck massager will help you out.

It will also help in a better sleep routine. When your muscles are fully relaxed, you will eventually feel better, and you can sleep properly without any pains and aches.

It also increases the blood circulation in your muscles and your neck. With better blood flow, your body and your brain can have more Oxygen, and your muscles will eventually get better and revitalized with these nutrients.

The neck massager will also help in reducing neck pain and also in reducing the headaches. Both of these are the result of increased tension and soreness in the back area of your body.

It will increase flexibility and mobility in your shoulders. People who suffer from a frozen shoulder can use the neck massager to resolve this severe issue and relieve the pain.

Should I use the neck massager while I am driving the car?

While driving, wearing a neck massager is not recommended. Your concentration will be divided, and it can result in severe consequences.

Which neck massager is best for me?

The neck massager with the vibrating technique is the best one that you can find. They provide incredible health benefits, and not only that, but these neck massagers will also help you with lesser stress levels and better sleeping schedules.

How often should one use the neck massager?

You can often use the neck massager, but it may vary according to the neck massager you have. Excessive use can lead to other consequences, as well. So, it is best to read the manual of your neck massaging model to know how often you should use a neck massager.

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