Best Instant Coffee Consumer Reports


and that too instant is a pure joy to think of.

Life is hectic and you don’t have much time for this basic ‘luxury’.


still can brew it as per your taste if you have an instant coffee in your bucket.

You can take it while travelling, home, office and anywhere – anytime.

Best Instant Coffee Reviews

I have compiled a list of the top-rated instant coffees available as per consumer reviews.

#10 Starbucks VIA Ready Brew Coffee, Colombia

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This 100% natural roasted and micro-ground Colombian instant coffee you can make it just within a few minutes. You need just add it in hot water and stir it and you will have a delicious fresh instant Starbuck coffee anywhere you want.

It can be costly to you but it tastes the same like as you bought from Starbucks store so can compromise for the taste.

If you are a coffee lover then you can make three different tastes of coffee with this Blonde Roast, Medium roast and Dark Roast. Customers are 100% satisfied with the quality and taste of the coffee.

 #9 Mount Hagen Organic Instant Regular Coffee

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Mount Hagen coffee is originally made of Arabica beans which are grown on highland. This coffee is certified by the EcoCert with a hygienic standard of the U.S Agriculture Department.

Mount Hagen coffee selected with deep inspection and harvest it separately to provide you with the mild and naturally rich flavour.

This coffee is made without any chemical so you can rely on this. It is 100% healthy and safe you can enjoy this coffee in the morning to get the freshness.

This pack comes with a single-serve stick with premium attractive packing. You can enjoy this anywhere you want if you are on the mountain still you can enjoy this coffee just adding it into hot water

#8 Nescafé 3 in 1 Instant Coffee Sticks ORIGINAL

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This Nescafe directly imported from the Nestle Malaysia and it is HALAL also. This is a new creamy and tasty aromatic version of Nescafe. If you use to drink coffee daily base then this can kick out your ordinary other brands coffee.

You can enjoy this coffee within a minute just mix it with hot water and it will ready to take a sip. You can enjoy your coffee in summer and ice in and your cold coffee is ready to give you organic-rich flavour.

#7 Mushroom Coffee by Four Sigmatic, Organic Instant Mushroom Coffee

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This four Sigmatich mushroom coffee is made of organic Chaga mushroom powder with antioxidants properties for the support of the immunity system and provides you 100% hygienic coffee.

It full boosts up your daily stamina and you feel fresh whole day and can work properly without feeling tired. You can use it as a diet this can help you to maintain your diet as well.

It is fully made of organic ingredients no chemical mix in it. This will doesn’t taste like a mushroom it gives you the original coffee taste. Just add some hot water in it and you will have fresh coffee in your cup within a couple of minutes.

#6 Trung Nguyen – G7 3 In 1 Instant Coffee

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Wants to maintain energy level? This can be your right buddy to keep your energy level on peek. You can enjoy this coffee anywhere you want with just add into the hot water bend it for a moment and your coffee is ready.

Every sachet is full of cream and sugar so you don’t need to buy these separately to have their taste. This coffee powder is a combination of Jamaican, Brazilian, Ethiopian and Vietnams beans that makes is it more delicious and tasty.

Make your instant coffee in cafe style with this Trung Nguyen – G7 3 In 1 Instant Coffee.

#5 Nescafe Clasico Instant Coffee, 7 Ounce

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As all of us know that Nescafe is a trusted and famous brand of coffee. No doubt on the taste of Nescafe coffee. This is the pure 100% organic coffee jar with full of rich flavour.

With this jar, you can make 100 cups of hygienic and healthy coffee that can boost up your stamina and allow you to stay the active whole day.

#4  SToK Caffeinated Black Coffee Shots

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SToK Caffeinated Black Coffee Shots are the perfect solution to add a quick hit of energy to your day. Add a single-serve pod to your morning cup in your home-brewed coffee for a caffeinated kick to get you through the morning.

If you are a caffeine lover then you need to try this. Not much caffeine used in it the only 40mg of used in it to give you a kick for the whole day. You can simply mix it in water and can enjoy your caffeinated coffee in a few minutes.

This is a single shot coffee just add a single-serve pod to your morning cup in your home-brewed coffee and you will get a caffeine boost to make your day better.

#3 Coconut Colombian Coffee

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Looking for a healthy chemical-free coffee? This is 100% fresh and healthy coconut Colombian coffee. As all of us know that coconut is rich in flavour and healthy food. It is used in many of products that we used in our daily life because this is 100% safe and healthy.

You will get an original coconut taste with this jar. It is very easy to make just simply add this in water and mix it your coffee is ready in a few minutes.

#2 Caffe D’Vita Mocha Instant Cappuccino Mix

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This is perfect healthy quick made Mocha Cappuccino. You can make this hot or cold or you can add it into your coffee. This is 100% organic no fat, no hydrogenated oil, No cholesterol, Gluten-free and comes with less caffeine.

It will allow you to have a rich flavour in your morning coffee cup. This is something different from the ordinary coffee you need to try this to get better taste and a healthy diet.

#1 Maxwell House Decaf Suisse Mocha Instant Coffee

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This is 99% caffeine-free it means only 1% caffeine used in it. You will get 30 calories and 2g fat only to maintain your diet.  To get your day fresh and active just stir this into hot water or in milk and you will get an organic coffee instantly.

The package allows you 19 servings with sweet and creamy coffee. If you are a kosher lover then this can be your choice.

Final Verdict

All of the instant coffee that we have mentioned are fully organic and healthy. No chemical adds in any of coffee these are 100% original harvested in farms. You can pick any of them according to your taste. Some of the coffee can cost to you but trust me for the health and taste it doesn’t worth you much. These are the certified coffee brands so you can rely on them.

FAQ’s about Instant Coffee

What brand of instant coffee is the best?

These are the best coffee brands according to our research:

  • Trung Nguyen
  • Nescafe
  • Caffe D’Vita
  • Starbucks
  • Mount Hagen

Why Instant coffee is bad?

Drinking instant coffee regularly can harm your health. You may suffer from disrupted sleep, anxiety, restlessness, Stomach problem and changes in your heartbeat.

Is instant coffee the same as coffee grounds?

Yes, instant coffee is the same as coffee ground. The coffee beans are roasted and brewed with the water the same as the coffee grounds.

Which coffee is best for health?

You can rely on both caffeinated and decaffeinated coffee if you don’t drink much coffee in a day. If you take black coffee without sugar it can boost up your mind and body.

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