Best Water Softener Consumer Reports

Are you facing skin issues, teeth problems, stains on clothes & dishes after washing?

If yes, then you are not alone –  keep on reading, please

Most of these problems are related to water quality.

Life is already hard and this hard water makes it tougher!

Eliminating the hardness from the water is a bit difficult but not impossible, especially when you know the advantages of pure and soft water.

Perhaps, the simplest method to remove hardness from water is to get the best water softener.


Here’s 3 products we picked out through amazon you would be interested in depending on your budget…

iSpring ED2000 Whole House Electronic...
Unlike salt water softeners, ED2000 does not change the chemistry of water
Eddy Electronic Water Descaler - Water...
12 month 100% "no quibble" Money-Back Guarantee + Lifetime Repair or Replace warranty.; Descales entire water system. Maintenance-free with great results up to and above 20 gpg.

Top Rated Water Softeners Reviews

I have compiled a list of cost effective and the best water softeners according to the consumer reports and reviews. Make sure to read the buying guide at the end also.

#6 iSpring ED2000 Whole House Electronic Descaler

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Features at a glance
  • It removes hardness without using any chemicals or salt. It will only remove impurities and will keep the healthy minerals in the water.
  • The water softener also prevents scale buildup.
  • Energy-efficient water softener.
  • No major plumbing modifications will be needed with this water softener.
  • 1-year money-back guarantee and lifetime tech support.
  • It will not change the chemistry of water.

If you want to get rid of skin and hair-related problems caused by hard water, this iSpring ED2000 offers a reliable solution. It might not be the cheapest water softener, but it is an affordable one, and the price to quality ratio is excellent as well. As for the working of the unit, this iSpring water descaler and softener uses a microchip that transmits electromagnetic waves into the water pipes and decreases the impurities and limescale build-up in water pipes.

We can say it is a 2-in-1 unit. It is a descaler as well as a water softener. It eliminates impurities you’re your household water but keeps the healthy minerals such as calcium and magnesium in the water; hence you get pure and healthy water.

As for the installation, this water softener is simple to install. You can install it on the main water supply of your home. The maintenance of the water softener is low as well. You can install it with various pipe material without any major modifications such as PEX, copper, even CPVC.

What We Like!
  • The makers offer a money-back guarantee and lifetime tech support.
  • It will only remove harmful minerals and keep the healthy minerals in the water.
  • The taste of the water will not get affected.
  • The product is ISO 9000 Quality Standard certified.
What We Didn’t Like!
  • If your water has a heavy amount of iron in it, this is not the one for you, or you have to buy iron filter separately.

#5 Iron Pro 2 Combination water softener

Price at Amazon!

Features at a glance
  • You can use it as a water softener or iron filter for the whole house.
  • 64,000-grain capacity.
  • It comes with a digital valve for ease of use.
  • It is backed by a 5-year warranty.
  • It effectively reduces water hardness up to 75 gpg, Iron up to 6-8 ppm range,
  • The unit is also efficient against Manganese, sediment, sand, rust.

Our next pick is the most trusted and reliable water softener in the market. This AFWFilters Iron Pro2 water softener is perfect for your whole house. The unit is effective even if you have a large amount of iron in your household water. Apart from removing iron from the water, this unit is capable of eliminating other impurities as well.

This Iron Pro2 water softener has an impressive capacity of 64 000-grains. If you have a large house or you want to filter out more water, you can opt for 80 000-grains unit. The unit comes with Fleck 5600sxt, which is energy-efficient and simple to use.

You can use it to soften up the water without affecting the taste. This water softener also removes impurities such as sediments and sulfur up to 2ppm. Furthermore, the set includes a bypass valve and a cone. The unit is also effective against scale buildup on the water pipes.

What We Like!
  • The capacity is large, up to 64000 grains.
  • It features a digital meter and valve.
  • It blocks iron and other impurities such as sand, limescale, sediments, and others.
  • 5-year warranty.
What We Didn’t Like!
  • The only issue with this unit is its installation. The unit is difficult to install, so you will have to hire an expert to install the unit.

#4 AFWFilters Fleck 64k water softener

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Features at a glance
  • Proudly made in the USA.
  • The unit features a 12-inch x 48-inch water tank.
  • The capacity of the water softener is 64,000 Grains.
  • The water softener includes detailed instructions and an installation kit.
  • It features Fleck 5600Sxt digital metered head with programmable cycles.

In short and sweet words, this unit is compact, effective, and available at an affordable price. This AFWFilters water softener system uses the ion-exchange process to remove the hardness of the water; hence it also enhances the working of your appliances and fixtures. The unit is effective against major impurities such as iron, calcium, and magnesium.

The pack contains all the necessary accessories that you will need to install the unit, such as the tank, resin, control head, and brine tank. It also features a durable bypass valve with a 1-inch connection for ease of the installation. It allows you to view and monitor the readings or errors. For this purpose, it has a bright and clear LCD.

For your convenience, a product manual and detailed installation are provided by the manufacturer. According to the best water softener consumer reports, the installation is not that difficult, but it is time-consuming. So, we will advise you to seek help from a professional if you are using it for the first time, or you are not used to this type of job. However, you can take help from the instruction video that is available on YouTube. Overall, it is a reliable unit that comes at an economical price.

What We Like!
  • It comes with a digital meter control head.
  • The unit is compact; hence you can install it anywhere you like.
  • The water softener is suitable for whole house water as its capacity is 64,000 grains.
  • It is effective against iron as well as other harmful containments.
What We Didn’t Like!
  • You will have to purchase some installation parts separately.

#3 Tier1 Essential Series 48,000 Grain High-Efficiency Digital Water Softener

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Features at a glance
  • The unit is simple to use due to advance yet simple controls.
  • The system comes with a brine tank, mineral tank, control valve, 3/4 inch connections, brine tubing, drain line, and all the necessary parts required for installation.
  • It removes the hardness of water by blocking harmful water containments.
  • The size of the Mineral Tank is 15 x 34 Inch & the brine tank measures around 14 x 42 Inches.
  • Grain capacity is 48,000.

This Tier1 Water softener is a reliable water softener that is more suitable for small families. Overall, the unit has a compact size, highly efficient, and you can also place it on any outdoor location as long as the temperature is not too extreme. This Tier1 water softener comes with everything that you will need for a quick installation. Additionally, it also features an efficient Fleck 5600sxt that offers full control of its regeneration cycles. For your convenience, it has a large digital LCD display, which allows you to monitor the activity.

The grain capacity of this Tier1 digital water softener is 48, 000. So, in our opinion, the unit is suitable for small families only. But as far as the performance of the unit is concerned, it is highly effective. It is capable of removing the main elements of hard water, including calcium phosphate and magnesium. And it will not affect the healthy minerals.

This water softener is also a good choice if you have a limescale issue. After using this water softener, you will notice a significant reduction in the limescale. Lastly, if you are looking for a money-saving water softener, this is an ideal option.

What We Like!
  • It comes with all the required components for easy and quick installation.
  • Highly effective water softener for small families.
  • The installation of the unit is easy without any special tools.
  • Grain capacity is 48,000.
What We Didn’t Like!
  • The grain capacity is on the lower side, so it is not a suitable choice for large families.

#2 AFWFilters WS-96k-91SXT Fleck 9100SXT Dual Tank Water Softener

Price at Amazon!

Features at a glance
  • The unit features dual alternating tanks.
  • The flow rate is high, and it is suitable for high hardness.
  • Perhaps it is the most efficient water softening system.
  • The unit comes with an installation guide and a bypass valve.

This AFWFilters dual tank water softener features large capacity, and it is highly effective. This AFWFilters Fleck 9100SXT features two large tanks. The capacity of each tank is 96 000-grains. That offers top-notch functionality, and it is the best water softener for large families.

Both tanks are well-built and backed by a 10-years warranty. Not only this, but you will also get three cubic feet of resin in a single tank. For some users, it might be a bit heavy, but it will pay-off well. However, the preloaded resin is a convenience.

The water softening system also includes a valve that you can use to bypass as and when needed. The brine tank includes a brine line for a quick and smooth connection to the main water tank. It also helps in eliminating all ions that result in hard water and also prevents limescale buildup.

What We Like!
  • The unit is highly efficient and effective to treat hardness in the water.
  • It is useful against all types of impurities.
  • The two large tanks are highly durable.
  • 10-year warranty by the manufacturer.
What We Didn’t Like!
  • If you have limited space, then this might not be suitable for you. So, measure the space and size of the unit before finalizing it.

#1 Eddy Water Descaler Electronic Water Softener

Price at Amazon!

Features at a glance
  • 12 months Money-Back Guarantee.
  • You can easily install it on both metal and plastic pipes.
  • Highly effective unit to treat hard water and also prevents limescale build-up.
  • It will remove only harmful containments, not healthy minerals from your water supply.
  • Low-maintenance water softening system.
  • It will not affect the taste or color of the water.

Here comes our last and perhaps the simplest water softening system, the Eddy Water Descaler Electronic Water Softener. The Eddy Water Descaler and softener is an electronic device that you can use to remove the hardness from your water.

The unit works by generating electromagnetic waves, and hence it efficiently prevents limescale buildup on your water pipes and fixtures. If you have hard water or your appliances are suffering from limescale, it is a perfect option for you. After using this water descaler and softening system, you will notice a positive change in your skin. Your skin will be soft and shiny. And in the end, you will get pure and fresh water to use.

The installation of this Eddy Water descaler is simple as well. It comes with four wires—no hassles to detach the water pipes, no changes in plumbing connections. Hence, you can do it yourself without anyone’s help. Besides easy installation, the unit is simple to maintain as well. And on the top that it is backed by a lifetime repair/replaces warranty so you can buy it with confidence.

What We Like!
  • It prevents limescale buildup.
  • It softens the water by removing harmful water containments.
  • The unit is simple to install and use.
What We Didn’t Like!
  • According to the best water softener consumer reports, the device is not waterproof, so handle it with care.

Buying Factors for Water Softener

Below, we will discuss some key details, and you should look out for these when buying the water softener for your home.


When buying the water softener, the foremost thing to look out for is the resin capacity of the unit. For this purpose, you should also know about your water consumption. If you have a large family, then you will need a large capacity water softener or vice-versa. The grain capacity varies from brand to brand and product to product. Usually, it starts at 16,000 grains. The water softeners that have a large capacity up to 96,000 grains come with dual water tanks. So, we can say it depends on your exact needs and water usage.

Available Space

There is no point in buying the large water softener if you have limited space. For most families, medium-sized water softeners are better. You can also opt for a 2-piece unit that includes an iron tank and a brine tank if you have that much space. In this regard, we will advise you to keep in mind the space available and know the measurement of the product.

Bypass Valve

The bypass valve is a vital part of water filtration units. It lets the water to flow through without being treated by a water softener. This bypassing is needed in many situations, such as when you are filling a pool or for any activity in which you don’t need a filtered or soft water.

In a bypass valve, you should check out the ease of use. Complicated bypass valves are of no use, and you must opt for the one that you can operate quickly as well as easily.

Regeneration Setting

Another thing that you should look out for when buying a water softener is that you want a digital metered unit or the one that comes with a timer. In the units that have a meter system, the resin will reset after particular water usage. You will set the water consumption amount. In a timed water softening system, the unit will start to regenerate after a few days according to the estimation of your water usage.

Final Verdict

Not all people understand or know about the hardness of the water. We can say that hard water is a health concern. It also affects your household appliances and fixtures. As for your health, it badly affects your skin and hair. For this purpose, the water softener is handy. It saves your appliances and fixtures, as well as your skin and hair. As per the best water softener consumer reports, users have stated that their skin feels smooth and healthy after using a water softener.

Once you purchase a water softener, you can get healthy and pure water. But not all the water softeners are of the same quality, neither all work in the same way.

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FAQs about Water Softener

What is the best water softener in 2020?

  • Iron Pro 2 Combination of water softener
  • AFWFilters Fleck 64k water softener
  • Tier1 Essential Series 48,000 Grain High-Efficiency Digital Water Softener
  • AFWFilters WS-96k-91SXT Fleck 9100SXT Dual Tank Water Softener
  • Eddy Water Descaler Electronic Water Softener

What are the benefits of Water Softeners?

The benefits of water softeners are many. Some common advantages to these systems are:

Scale-Free Pipe System

The whole-house water softeners effectively remove the harmful minerals from the water. These minerals result in the building-up of limescale on pipes and appliances. So, water softeners prevent limescale buildup by removing all these harmful minerals.

Residue-Free Appliances

As a water softener prevents scale buildup, it reduces leakages and enhances the working life of your fixtures and appliances. It also prevents foul odors that come due to residue in your sinks, showerheads, or faucets.

Healthy Hair and Skin

Usually, people think that using a shower head filter prevents hard minerals. This is not the case. Showerheads are useful, but you need the best water softener to remove or block harmful minerals.

If you are using hard water while bathing, stop immediately as it is dangerous for your skin and hair, you must look out for a water softener. You will notice a positive change after using a water softener.

Soft and clean Clothes

After using soft water for laundry purposes, you will notice that your clothes feel soft and shiny. This is because water softener will stop all the harmful minerals from affecting your clothes. Similarly, soap or shampoo dissolves quickly and efficiently when you are using soft water, and you will need less washing powder to wash your clothes.

Can I Mix Different Salts in a Water Softener?

It might not be harmful or dangerous, but it will surely affect the process. And it can affect the softener as well. So, always use the salt as per manufacturer recommendation.

How much Sodium is consumed by using a water softener?

It mainly depends on how hard your water is or what type of impurities it contains. Averagely, 3% sodium uptake comes by using a water softener. This is equal to 2 teaspoons of salt.

When should I change the Resin Beads?

If you maintain your water softening system correct and timely, you will not have to change the resin beads throughout its working life.

Why soft water feels smooth when bathing?

Hard water contains a high amount of iron, calcium, and magnesium. All these harmful minerals have a major impact on the lathering ability of soap; hence the soap cannot dissolve properly in water. On the other hand, if you are using soft water, soap, or shampoo will slide off the skin quickly and smoothly as it does not have any harmful minerals. This makes your bathing experience smoother.

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