Best Cordless Leaf Blower Consumer Reports & Reviews

Cordless leaf blowers are quieter and more convenient to use than that of conventional gas-powered blowers.

The best part is these are battery operated and hence no starting strain, choke, fuel, pulling of recoil handle like a hassle.

Housekeeping of your lawn and garden becomes painless by using these lightweight and cordless debris blowers.


Here’s top products we picked out through amazon you would be interested in depending on your budget…

DEWALT 20V MAX XR Blower, Brushless, 5-Ah...
Brushless Motor maximizing motor efficiency and durability; Innovative axial fan design that maximizes on air output and run time
Makita DUB182Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless...
Variable speed (0 18,000 RPM) for optimum speed control. Maximum air volume is 91 cfm; Up to 12 minutes of continuous operation from a single charge at high speed
EGO Power+ LB4800 480 CFM 3-Speed Turbo...
Turbine fan engineering delivers up to 480 CFM; High efficiency brushless motor; Compatible with all EGO POWER+ Arc Lithium Batteries

Best Cordless Leaf Blower Reviews

I have compiled a list of the best cordless leaf blowers based on consumer reports and the customers’ reviews.

1. WORX WG520 Turbine 600 Corded Electric Leaf Blower

Price at Amazon!

Start cleaning your yad smartly and instantly without wasting your time by cleaning old methods. Just bring this beast to your home it will work perfectly for you. This leaf blower comes with jet type powerful TURBINE 600 motor engine that gives you 110 mph of fast blowing speed.

It has the 2-speed mode for the corner and narrow areas you need to clean on normal speed but for the open lawn area you can switch to the double speed and it will show you the magic. It is designed like a jet and build a wide-mouth nozzle to give more air with pressure to clean the lawns within no time.

Maybe you think that the turbine engine can be noisy but trust me it’s not making that much noise it will work without any loud noise. This is a one-handed work machine I know you won’t believe this but its true this leaf blower is very lightweight you can easily carry it with one hand and can perform your job.

It comes with a retainer attached cord when you connect the extension it will not disconnect again and again by stretching it.

What We Like!
  • It comes with a double-speed mode.
  • Powerful Turbine engine motor.
  • Making less noise.
What We Didn’t Like!
  • No warranty
  • Not suitable for women

2. BLACK & DECKER Electric Leaf Blower

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This Black & Decker leaf blower comes with 7 amp of a powerful motor that will work rapidly and smartly for you. It will give you a powerful lawn cleaning you can clean your debris, driveway, sidewalk, and decks. The powerful motor will provide you with the 180Mph of blow speed that comes with a 7amp blower and blows the tube.

It is very lightweight that comes with the handy design you can easily blow your leaf with one hand. Built-in cord retention allows you to work without stopping and frustrating your self.

What We Like!
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • On hand-operated machine.
  • Powerful 7Amp motor.
What We Didn’t Like!
  • Pointing directly at a leaf to blow it.

3. Makita DUB182Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Blower

Price at Amazon!

The Makita leaf blower comes with 18V of LIthium-ion battery. This powerful cordless blower makes your blowing job more efficient and fastly cleaning. It has the 179 mph of blowing speed that gives you powerful blowing to work quickly without wasting time.

This lightweight and portable machine you can perform with one hand. The handle is rubberized for a comfortable grip while cleaning for a long time. Plus point of this leaf blower is that it doesn’t make any noise work quietly without disturbing the environment.

It can charge in 5 minutes and can perform for 75 minutes on low mode 25 minutes on Medium and 12minutes at high speed. Might be you need to work all-time on the high speed that gives you less time to perform but it can charge within 5 minutes so you can compromise on this thing.

What We Like!
  • Portable machine.
  • Fast battery charging technology.
  • Lightweight.
What We Didn’t Like!
  • It gives less time on high speed mode.

4. EGO Power+ 56-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Electric Blower

Price at Amazon!

Now, this thing is beast EGO power+ comes with a heavy turbine engine that works making without any noise and less vibration to perform more efficiently.

This is battery operated leaf blower that comes with a 56-volt lithium-ion powerful battery to give you long runtime performance without wasting time.

It has a powerful brushless motor that gives you 250 CFM to 480 CFM of speed to work fastly. It comes with a 3-speed turbo system that makes it different from the other leaf blower.

This will work much better than an ordinary gas leaf blower. The package included different power tools that you need to fix the machine whenever you need it.

This is the weather resistance leaf blower which means you can work in any weather even while raining you can blow your leaf. It comes with 3 years of battery warranty and 5 years of tools warranty that other leaf blower company doesn’t give you.

What We Like!
  • Weather resistance.
  • Turbo speeds powerful brushless motor.
  • 3 years of battery warranty.
  • Works without making noise.
What We Didn’t Like!
  • Works not well on low speed mode.

5. DEWALT D 20V MAX Lithium-Ion XR Brushless Blower

Price at Amazon!

DEWALT DCBL720P1 comes with a 20Volt Lithium-ion battery that gives you powerful and longer runtime. It has the XR brushless motor to perform efficient and fast work. The design is totally unique and handy which gives you a more comfortable grip while cleaning larger areas.

The Innovative axial fan design to maximize the output air and provide you long runtime without wasting your time. It comes with a variable speed trigger & speed locker to control the blower whenever you need to control it instantly.

This type of leaf blower comes without a carburetor and air filters that you don’t need to fix them again and again. This leaf blower can easily start with just pulling a trigger without putting any force.

What We Like!
  • It comes with 3 years of warranty.
  • The company gives free service for 1 year.
  • 90 days money-back guarantee
  • Premium build quality.
What We Didn’t Like!
  • Blowing force is not much strong as compared to other leaf blowers.

Buying Guide for Cordless Leaf Blower

It’s important to always consider your requirements and the quality of the leaf blower before you buy it. Some of the people don’t read the features and functions of products and later if it doesn’t meet their requirements and that machine became useless for them.

All the leaf blower made to perform different types of jobs like some are work only in small areas. It means if you need a blower for a larger area then you need to check it meets your requirement or not. Here we have described the points that you need to consider before buying any leaf blower.

Battery Capacity

If you think of buying a battery-operated leaf blower then defiantly you need heavy battery backup. Because when you start cleaning you have to finish the work quickly especially if you are hired for a cleaning job.

If you buy a low capacity battery leaf blower it will give you less time to perform work and you need to charge it, again and again, that will consume your time.

Some of the leaf blowers have a fast-charging system and they perform for hours at low speed but on the high speed, they have not long runtime but you can compromise on its fast-charging system.

Powerful Motors

Now, this can be important if you are a fast worker and can not give much time to cleaning your lawn. A powerful brushless motor will reduce the noise and give you the faster blowing than an ordinary leaf blower.

Some of the companies used powerful turbine jet engine type powerful motors that provide you lifetime better performance.

Size & Weight

If you looking for a one-hand working machine than always check the size and weight of that leaf blower. Some companies claim that their blower is lightweight and portable but users complain that it doesn’t work for them.

No doubt some of the leaf blowers come with a portable feature that will work for you according to your wish but its better to always check the product weight and read the user reviews before buying it.


Check this always before buying because if you going to buy an expensive one that performs the same job as the cheaper one then why would you need to buy an expensive. Always check the price and feature comparison chart to clear these things.

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FAQ’s about Cordless Leaf Blower

What’s the best Brand Leaf Blower in 2020?

There are a bunch of brands in the market that claim they have the best performing leaf blowers. According to our research, these are the best brands for leaf blowers.

  • EGO Power
  • Worx
  • Dewalt

Are cordless leaf blowers any good?

Yes, they work efficiently and fast. You can easily carry them because of the lightweight and compact design. Theses cordless works quietly without making any noise. You will be able to work without carrying a cord.

Which is better Worx or Black and Decker?

The Black and Decker is doing business since 1910, and Worx is not that old. But brands have their own class its all depends on which brand you like and used before.

Is Worx a good brand?

The Worx made lightweight and portable leaf blowers but when it comes to battery performance it can not give you the best.

Who makes GreenWorks?

The Greenworks Tools made by the Globe Tools Group of companies.

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