Best Carbon Monoxide Detector Consumer Reports

Carbon monoxide gas can be deadly. You can not usually smell carbon monoxide; therefore, the best option is to invest in a carbon monoxide detector.

These detectors are inexpensive, but they are easy to install and are an important requirement if you are burning fuel in your house.


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VULCAIN E3SCO Carbon Monoxide, Sensor...
CARBON MONOXIDE; SENSOR CARTRIDGE; Sensor Module/Housing; Sensors & Switches
Kidde Nighthawk Plug-In AC/DC Carbon Monoxide...
LED operation – Blinking dot in lower right corner of display denotes normal operation

5 Best Carbon Monoxide Detector Reviews

Check out the best carbon monoxide detectors and decide which one is the ideal option for you.

#5 Kiddle plug-in carbon monoxide detector

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The first Carbon monoxide alarm on the list is a plug-in carbon monoxide alarm, and it also has a digital display to check the carbon monoxide level. It also has the test button function, which enables you to check the performance of the alarm and reset it as well. The best part is that it has led operations that will provide you with digital display. This alarm is not battery operated; however, it still has a battery backup to ensure if there is no electricity supply. It uses the power source of 120 VAC.

This alarm is an ideal option if you are looking for a plug-in detector that works incredibly. However, you have to replace it after 10 years. It is worth investing your money because it is a unit that is built with quality and created to last long.

What We Like!
  • Plug-in carbon monoxide alarm with battery backup
  • Works for the detection of both carbon monoxide and smoke
  • Design to last long and easy to install
Things to Consider!
  • The alarm is a bit loud

#4 First alert battery operated combination detector

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The next one on the list is battery-operated carbon monoxide and smoke detector. It is super easy to install and can interconnectivity to connect to several alarms for creating a safety network. This alarm will provide you clear sound to ensure that you reach the place where the problem is occurring. It has a sharp carbon monoxide sensor, and it also has a test button to reset and check the performance of the alarm.

This alarm also has two different lights to notify if it is because of the smoke or carbon monoxide. This wireless alarm also has a hush button to silence the alarm when needed.

What We Like!
  • Test button works great
  • Two different lights for the indication of smoke and carbon monoxide
  • Has the quality of interconnectivity
Things to Consider!
  • The false alarms can be an issue

#3 Google nest combination alarm

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The next one is a Google nest smoke and carbon monoxide alarm that is perfect for the detection of smoke and carbon monoxide. It is a smart alarm that sends alerts on your phone as well. It will also send an alert on your phone if the battery is running low or there is any other problem. This alarm is capable of fast detection to ensure that there is no mishap happening. You can connect it to your home automation applications, and you can also connect to the Wi-Fi. It is a battery-operated alarm which will provide you alerts in case the battery is low.

What We Like!
  • Smart alarm with easy setup
  • Connect to the home automation applications
Things to Consider!
  • Does not work properly sometimes

#2 Kidde Carbon monoxide detector

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The one on the list is another one of the carbon monoxide detectors, but it is not a dual function detector. It is equipped with two batteries for backup. Also, in case of the low battery will provide an alert. There is a reset and silent button available if you need to reset the alarm to silence the alarm. It is also capable of storing the event memory for better and perfect use.

People like it because it is battery operated and does not have any issues with installation. Also, the alarm is 85 decibels, which is quite high if carbon monoxide is detected in the house or around the detector.

What We Like!
  • It works well with the backup battery
  • It is affordable and loud
Things to Consider!
  • Slow detection

#1 First alert carbon monoxide detector

Price at Amazon!

If you need a carbon monoxide detector to keep your family safe and equipped with a long-lasting battery, so you don’t have to change it occasionally, this first alert carbon monoxide detector is the ideal option. It has a super long-lasting battery without failure, and also it comes with a display that increases the readability and accessibility of the alarm. It has allowed an alarm of 85 decibels in case of dangerous levels of carbon monoxide available. Also, this detector comes with a warranty of 10 years to replace or change it if it is not working correctly.

What We Like!
  • Runs on battery
  • Warranty of 10 years
Things to Consider!
  • The display system is not the best.

Buying guide for Carbon Monoxide Detector

How to pick the carbon monoxide detector?

You need to consider features before you are planning to buy the carbon monoxide detector. Take a look to find the features that are must before you purchase the carbon monoxide detector.

Detection of smoke

Most of the carbon monoxide detectors have the feature of detecting the smoke as well. However, if you are getting a carbon monoxide detector, it is best to get a 2 and 1 detector capable of detecting the smoke and carbon monoxide both. It will provide you with better functionality and much more enhanced performance. Having a carbon monoxide detector and smoke detector in your house can help you in so many levels are, however, if you already have a smoke detector. A carbon monoxide detector will be a supplementary option in your house.

Installation of the detector

Based on the type of carbon monoxide detector, you have to ensure that the installation process is super easy. The installation is based on the type and your choice of carbon monoxide detector. However, you need to ensure that the installation process is simple and easy and not complicated. Usually, there are three types of carbon detectors with include battery-powered, outlet powered, and hardwire detectors. People typically prefer battery-powered units because they are easy to install. There the hardwired unit has a much more complicated and complex installation.

Interconnectivity of the alarm

When planning to use a carbon monoxide detector for your house, you need to ensure that the detector has the feature of interconnectivity. If it does not have a particular feature, you will have to get various detectors for different parts of your house to cover the whole house adequately. If it has a property of interconnectivity, it can easily connect to multiple alarms of your house and help you notice any carbon monoxide presence of smoke in the house.

Alerts on your smartphone

When installing a smart carbon monoxide detector in your house, you will be relieved that it will provide you alerts on your phone. It will be helpful when you are away from the house, and there is a detection of carbon monoxide or smoke in the house. Usually, the smart detectors work in a better manner for notifying and alerting the people.

Digital display

For better use and much easier functionality of the carbon monoxide detectors, some of them come with a digital display, making it simple and better to accept the carbon monoxide detectors. Whenever you are looking for the carbon monoxide detectors, you should look for the digital display on these detectors for better use and much better accessibility.

Sound alerts and Hush button

The alarm in the carbon monoxide detector is an important aspect that you cannot miss out on. However, some of the carbon monoxide detectors do not have a harsh button. You need to find out that you do not have a harsh button. You need to find out that the detector has a hash button to silence the alarm if you need it. Or you can find out if the alarm can be Hush with remote control.

Safety lights

Not all people are capable of listening to the alarms; therefore, safety lights are also important. The people who are unable to hear will get the signal with lights in the detector. The detector will help in many ways with these signals and safety lights. Even if you are not disabled, you still need to find a carbon monoxide detector with the safety light appropriately installed. These lights are an add-on but a great addition.


Price is another factor that is super important when you are buying a carbon monoxide detector. Look for the quality and the price both. If the carbon monoxide detector is perfect in terms of quality, it is a significant investment even if it is a little overpriced. However, you need to compare different carbon monoxide detectors to ensure that you are not wasting your money on something that is not so special.

Types of Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Digital function carbon monoxide detector

The Digital function carbon monoxide detector can show the level of carbon monoxide in a particular room on a digital screen. It helps with easy access and easy learning of the level of carbon monoxide available.

Dual function carbon monoxide detector

The dual function carbon monoxide detector provides alerts and alarms in the presence of smoke and carbon monoxide both. It is your choice to find a detector capable of dual function, or you can also find out the detector that can only detect carbon monoxide.

Smart detector

The smart detector is the new generation device, which is capable of syncing to the applications of Home Automation. It will keep you updated on your phone and help you with the running of the diagnostics using the several Home Automation applications available.

Hardwired carbon monoxide detectors

These hardwired carbon monoxide detectors are connected to the electricity grid. These detectors work great have ever these are connected to the electricity supply and can only work unless the electricity is available.

Battery operated detectors

The battery-operated detectors are capable of operating even if there is no electricity. These battery-operated detectors have a backup battery that makes them long-lasting. These are essential carbon monoxide detectors that work incredibly by performing well.

The next thing that you have to consider is the placement of the carbon monoxide detector. You need to show that you are placing it in a position that is out of the reach. This will make sure there is no tampering or wrong and false alarm. The placement of the carbon monoxide detectors makes a huge difference. If your carbon monoxide detector is a dual function and detects the smoke, you can then place it outside the bedrooms and in the kitchen as well. However, if you are getting a carbon monoxide detector only then, you can place it in the room where there is fuel-burning activity. You don’t have to use it outside the bedrooms or in the living space.

Final Verdict

Now that you know a lot about the carbon monoxide detectors and read the carbon monoxide detector reviews, you can finally purchase the ideal option. Before purchasing the carbon monoxide detector, make sure you go through all the information available above to ensure that you don’t waste your money. Also, carbon monoxide poisoning is common, so if you feel any of the symptoms, it is best to consult a doctor immediately. And to avoid any such incidents, it is best to install the carbon monoxide detector in your house.

FAQ’s about Carbon Monoxide detector

What should you look for before getting the carbon monoxide detector?

Several features are included when you are purchasing the carbon monoxide detectors. One is the power source of the detector. It is better to get a battery-operated carbon monoxide detector that will last longer and not be a hassle to use. Also, look for its functioning if it is dual or not. You also need to check if it is easy to install or not. Test that the carbon monoxide detector is working properly before you have finally installed it in your house.

What are the symptoms of the poisoning of carbon monoxide?

If there is carbon monoxide poisoning, then you will feel dizziness and nausea. You also are facing headaches and vomiting. If you are feeling similar carbon monoxide poisoning symptoms, then you should consider going to a doctor and seeking medical help.

How does the carbon monoxide detector work?

The carbon monoxide detectors usually have various hardware components that help in the detection of carbon monoxide. There is a biomimetic detector that has the color change in feature. It helps in learning if there is a presence of carbon monoxide and will Trigger the alarm of the detector. Also, there is is a metal oxide semiconductor that has a sleeker chip. It gives the electrical signals to the alarm. The electrochemical sensors are also available in the detectors for using the electrodes and the chemical solution to Trigger the alarm if there is a carbon monoxide presence.

Why do you need a carbon monoxide detector?

If you are using fuel that includes oil, wood, LPG, and gas, it is better to have a detector installed in your house. This carbon monoxide detector will keep you informed if there are smoke and carbon monoxide in a particular room. It is better to place the carbon monoxide in the room where the fuel is burnt. If you think that your house is fully equipped with the devices that run on electricity and there is no use of fuel, you should not get a carbon monoxide detector.

How to maintain the carbon monoxide detectors?

There’s no rule book to the maintenance of the carbon monoxide detectors. You just need to ensure that the carbon monoxide detector is installed correctly. Also, you need to ensure that you have placed the detector in the right place. Usually, people place it in the room where the fuel is burning. It is a most appropriate place; however, you still need to ensure that you face it on the ceiling or the wall on a little higher level. Also, always check ok if the detector is working correctly. And if your detector is battery operated, then you have to change the battery every year. And lastly, keep in mind that you have to change the carbon monoxide detector every five years to ensure the quality and the performance of the detector.

How to install the carbon monoxide detector?

The fixing and installation of the carbon monoxide detectors is no rocket science. They are just a few things that you have to keep in mind. You can install the carbon monoxide detectors frequently in your house; however, if you have a multiple-story building or house, you need to ensure that you are installing a carbon monoxide detector on every floor. Also, make sure that at least one detector is available on each level.

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